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SNDP aims to develop a sustainable neighbourhood framework that is community-driven and focuses on long term behavioural change, especially in waste management. The focus is premised on the basis that we can positively shape our future through connected efforts and sharing responsibility between individuals, communities, organization, businesses and all levels of government.


  1. To build the capacity of local community in taking action in accordance with the problems, needs and potential of the community.
  2. To strengthen civic participation in community-based program.

Target audience

Local Community


Education Talk & Sharing, Capacity Building Workshop


In 2021, one SNDP pilot project will be launched in collaboration with SEA Circular Project at two selected zero waste communities in Penang – Taman Bagan Lalang and Kampung Permatang Nibong at Seberang Perai.

This pilot project serves as a case study to analyse and identify a more comprehensive framework in developing a sustainable neighbourhood.

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For further details, please contact us at 04-250 3322 or email to [email protected].