Make Your Voice Heard in Penang Green Agenda Public Survey

Statement by Phee Boon Poh, Penang State Exco Member, Welfare, Caring Society and Environment Committee Chairman cum Vice-Chairman of Penang Green Council, on 14 November 2017:

The recent horrendous floods in Penang were caused by unusual rainfall, strong winds and high tides that led to nearly 12,559 people being evacuated. Climate change is REAL. It has affected everyone. Human activities are the primary factor triggering climate change. In the wake of global climate change threats, overcoming environmental crisis and building the sustainability of Penang fall on everyone’s shoulders.

Members of the public at the northeast district residential area were invited to participate Penang Green Agenda survey by USM surveyors

Members of the public at the northeast district residential area were invited to participate Penang Green Agenda survey by USM surveyors

Penang Green Council (PGC) is tasked to develop Penang Green Agenda (PGA). PGC have started stakeholder consultation since mid-2017, currently we are at the stage of conducting Penang Green Agenda Stakeholder Consultation Public Survey, the survey will be conducted until 24 November 2017. There are a lot of climate change adaptation and mitigation that need to be done to tackle drastic environmental changes from various factors.

PGA is a two-year policy planning project which aims at formulating strategies which helps to meet future environmental challenges in Penang by incorporating United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) and adapting and building resilient community in Penang by 2030. The agenda includes d efining and measuring the state’s sustainability, identifying approaches to combat the current and future environmental challenges and proposing measurable and feasible SDGs to achieve the state’s vision “Cleaner, Green, Safer, Healthier and Happier Penang”.

PGA Advisory Committee is led by Dato Leong Yueh Kwong, PGC’s Board of Director. The School of Social Sciences, USM is appointed to drive the one-year stakeholder consultation. Participatory approach is applied in developing the agenda which includes running the public survey as the State Government strives to engage all stakeholders in Penang in contributing inputs before PGA is officially launched. The main objectives of the public survey are to identify environmental issues in Penang and also to determine the scopes that are closely related to PGA. The outcome of the survey will be informative for developing PGA strategies and local action plan and in providing the policy makers a better understanding of public views and concerns on environmental challenges in Penang.
The USM team has scheduled to seek views from public in five districts of Penang in four languages: Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil, as follow:

24 Oct – 31 Oct 2017Northeast Penang Island
1 Nov – 3 Nov 2017Southwest Penang Island
4 Nov – 7 Nov 2017Northern Seberang Perai
8 Nov – 11 Nov 2017Central Seberang Perai
12 Nov – 14 Nov 2017Southern Seberang Perai

This is a crucial point of PGA process, we care about your opinions in formulating the agenda until 2030. The survey is also available online at
The project is fully funded by Penang state government and supported by Penang State Economic Planning Division and Penang Institute. For those who are interested to be involved in developing PGA, you may contact, Research Officer, Ms. Siti Sarah Jamil at [email protected]. For further details, please contact PGC at 04-2503322.

Thank you. Phee Boon Poh