Food Waste Management and Rainwater Harvesting in Penang

Statement by Chow Kon Yeow, Penang State Exco Member for Local Government, Traffic Management & Flood Mitigation and Vice Chairman of Penang Green Council on 23 June 2017

Come and Apply for Incentive for Food Waste Management and Rainwater Harvesting in Penang

If you are environmentally conscious and you have invested in a sound food waste management system or rainwater harvesting system, get your green incentive from the Penang state government today!

(1) Food Waste Challenge Incentive
In 2013, residents of Penang disposed of approximately 355,000kg of food every day and food waste amounted to 45% of the total solid waste collected in 2012. Majority of this waste ended up in Pulau Burung landfill. The tremendous amount of food waste raises environmental concerns as its decomposition generates methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more damaging for the environment than carbon dioxide.

The newly enforced Waste Segregation at Source Policy has postponed the segregation of organic waste (biodegradable materials from plants and animals ‐ food waste/ wet waste) as part of the practices for households. Though it is encouraged for everyone to segregate their waste into at least two streams, food waste is an optional stream under the policy. Organic waste can be turned into products (e.g. compost or soil enhancer) with more economic value than being plainly disposed and left to rot in landfills. Food waste processed whether at site or collected by licensed food waste collector could highly reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill thus extending its lifespans.

For now, this incentive will target the following key players – hotels and factories with established food waste management system.

The FIRST 10 successful qualified applicants for the year 2017 with completed application form and supporting documents attached will receive a RM1, 000 incentive. Application period is from 1st May – 30th September 2017.  Guidelines and application form is available at

(2) Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive
Penang consumers enjoy the lowest domestic water tariff in the country. Unfortunately, this has caused domestic water consumption to reach 286 litres per capita per day (l/c/d) in 2016, recorded as the highest domestic water consumption in the country. Penang’s water consumption compares unfavourably, 36.8% higher than the national average of 209 (l/c/d).

Following the Water Conservation Surcharge introduced by PBA, PGC introduces the Penang Rainwater Harvesting Incentive (PRHI), aimed at reducing the dependency of treated water for non-potable purposes and encourages good water practice amongst Penangites. PRHI is an incentive to commercial and residential building owners with installed rainwater harvesting system. This is in line with the Malaysian Government’s initiative to encourage the implementation of Rainwater Harvesting System through the amendment of the Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 (UBBL 1984).

The FIRST 20 successful applicants for the year 2017 with completed application form and supporting documents will receive an incentive of RM500. Application closes on 31st December 2017. Incentive rewarded will be on a “first-come, first-served” basis. Guidelines and application form is available on

Penang aspires to be a liveable city that is cleaner, greener, safer and healthier. Penang Green Council (PGC) was established to assist Penang’s objective of being the first green state in Malaysia that includes incentive programmes to encourage sustainable development which protects the environment and quality of life.

Awards and Incentives is one of the key pillars in Penang Green Council. Apart from the above, this year, we will continue awarding environmental excellence to individuals and organisations in Penang under the big umbrella of Penang Green Pinang Award, namely Penang Green Office Project, Penang Green School Award, Penang Green Journalism Award, Penang Environmental Stewardship Award and Penang Environmental Sustainability Award.

For more information, please contact Penang Green Council at 04-2503322 or visit