Concerned Citizens Voiced Out During Focus Group Discussion of Penang Green Agenda Development

Press Statement on 14 August 2017

Five focus group discussions among Penang stakeholders were successfully conducted at School of Social Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Penang Green Council (PGC) is responsible for providing assistance to Penang State Government in devising Penang Green Agenda (PGA). PGA aims at formulating strategies to build resilient community in Penang in meeting future environmental challenges. The formulation of this agenda is a cognitive effort of the state government in realising the vision of making Penang a green and sustainable state by the year 2030.

“Bottom-up’ or “participatory” are the approaches that are being used in developing the PGA. The agenda is a two-year policy planning project. The State Government strives to engage all stakeholders in Penang in contributing inputs before PGA is officially launched. Focus Group Discussion (FGD) is one of “bottom up” and “participatory” approaches’ elements. The objective of FGD is to identify environmental issues in Penang and to determine scopes that are closely related to PGA. The participating stakeholders consist of non-governmental organisation (NGO), youth, governmental agencies, private sector and professionals.

PGA Advisory Committee is led by Dato Leong Yueh Kwong, one of the PGC’s director. Penang Green Council has appointed the School of Social Sciences, USM to drive the one-year stakeholder consultation. They moderated the Focus Group Discussion. The discussion began with signing of agreement by participating stakeholders, agreeing that their attendance is voluntary and acknowledging that all discussions are recorded. A demographic form was completed by all participating stakeholders for discussion record purpose. The discussion was followed by an online survey session and oral discussion to seek for their opinions on environmental issues in Penang. The discussion ended where the stakeholders came together in mapping out Penang’s environmental issues.

The School of Social Sciences, USM will invite stakeholders who are not able to attend the Focus Group Discussion to a mini discussion, interview, dialogue session or to share their views online. This is crucial to ensure concerned citizens and stakeholders in Penang are engaged to voice out in formulating Penang Green Agenda.
This project is fully funded by Penang State Government and fully supported by Penang State Economic Planning Division and Penang Institute. For those who are interested to be involved in the stakeholder consultation, please contact Research Officer, Ms. Siti Sarah Jamil at  [email protected].