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Penang is once again organising the Penang Green Finance Conference to explore green financing opportunities in Malaysia especially at the subnational level. Green finance is important because it facilitates and supports financial flow to the environmental sector and sustainable development; the financial sector plays a key role in activating and scaling up green transformation on the ground.

Building on lessons learned from the 2006-2009 global financial crisis, global warming, and the need for more sustainable business practices, green finance initiatives also aim to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), shifting the focus from creating value for shareholders (economic) to creating value for stakeholders (economic, environmental, and social).


Penang Green Finance Conference 2022 aims to facilitate the in-flow of green investments and capital into the State of Penang. 

This is to support the Penang2030 Vision, which was launched in 2018 and was a state-wide mission to turn Penang into a “Family-Focused, Green and Smart State that Inspires the Nation” by 2030. To support the Penang2030 Vision, the State Government also launched Penang Green Agenda 2030 in 2021 that introduced a holistic framework to make Penang the greenest state in Malaysia by 2030 through mainstreaming environmental and climate change concerns across the various subject areas.

As Penang pivots towards a more sustainable future, billions of ringgit worth projects are ready to be launched. This includes the Penang Transport Master Plan with a price tag of RM42 billion, which lays down a series of new public transport investments including Light Rail Transit (LRT), monorail and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). 

Penang is also keen to attract investment from the private sector into areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management and green buildings. The time is also ripe for Penang’s manufacturing sector to transition to a greener production and circular economy to protect our prized position in the global supply chain, starting with ESG financing.


Why Participate?

a) Increase understanding of green finance and investment especially at the company and subnational levels.
b) Contribute to the direction and actionable solutions for Penang to develop an effective green finance regime.
c) Mingle and explore financing opportunities with potential green project developers and financiers.
d) Increase awareness of the demand and opportunities for green financing among local businesses especially small- and medium-sized companies (SMEs).

e) Form a network of experts and financiers that can help in the green transformation of the State of Penang and its economy.

Conference Highlights & Activities

a) Financial instruments introduction by commercial banks and capital market players to finance your business’s green transition
b) Business matchmaking sessions with banks and capital market players.
c) In-depth sectoral focus sessions on existing financing opportunities and way forward
d) High-level Roundtable* with leaders and policy-makers in Penang. (*by invitation only)


Day 1: 13 December

0830       Participants & Media Registration, Arrival of Invited Guests

0910       Arrival of Penang Chief Minister, Booth Visitation and Photo Session

0930       Welcoming Remarks by General Manager of Penang Green Council, Ms Josephine Tan

0940       Opening Remarks by Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Chow Kon Yeow

0955        Token of Appreciation Presentation to Partners and Sponsors

The State of Penang has embarked on a journey towards low carbon and sustainable development. Building on Penang's vision to be the greenest state in Malaysia, and with the introduction of the Penang2030 Vision, several action plans were introduced to turn ambitions into actions. This session will introduce Penang Green Agenda 2030, which sets out the framework for Penang to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and tackle climate change, as well as the new Penang Climate Prosperity Plan.

1. Mr Angelo Kairos, Deputy Executive Director, Financial Futures Center

1025         Break

The effects of climate change have been increasingly visible, slowly impacting our nation, economy and financial system. Hence, green transition is crucial for Malaysia to mitigate the rising impact of climate change. Bank Negara Malaysia is committed in building a financial sector that is resilient to climate change and one that lends support towards greening the economy. Hence, it is important to address an overview of national green financing policy and the "definition" of green finance (green taxonomy) in Malaysia.

1. Ms Audrey Lim, Bank Negara Malaysia
2. Ms Arina Kok, Malaysia Assurance Climate Change and Sustainability Services (CCaSS) Leader and Partner,  Ernst & Young Consulting Sdn Bhd

Capital markets are expected to be another catalyst in mobilising and allocating financing especially green capital markets that are growing rapidly. Green capital markets that complement bank lending and public investments help to build a more resilient and better integrated financial system. This session covers the emerging role of the capital market in promoting sustainability and catalysing change in the private sector especially, small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Speaker: Ms Azreen Idayu Zainal, General Manager, Sustainability Department, Securities Commission Malaysia

Subnational governments are increasingly adopting green budgeting to better align their climate agenda and bridge climate funding and financing gaps. Speakers in this session will covene representatives from multilateral development banks, highlighting a range of green financing and investment instruments offered to increase public and private investments, namely green bonds, green loans and other innovative instruments.

1. Melanie Kengen, Attache, Blending and Investment Operations, Delegation of the European Union to Thailand
2. Sunita Lukkhoo, Head of European Investment Bank (EIB) Regional Representation for Southeast Asia and Pacific
3. Mr Bhavit Sharma, Investment Officer, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank 

1300         Lunch

1400        Business Matchmaking & Networking

1700        End

Day 2: 14 December

0830       Registration

The implementation of Climate Change and Principle-based Taxanomy (CCPT) by Bank Negara Malaysia emphasises the importance of financial institutions integrating climate change considerations in all aspects of their business strategies. This includes playing a pivotal role in accelerating their customer's transition towards more sustainable practices in their business operations. In this segment, commercial banks introduce a range of financing instruments and policy currently offered by their respective banks that target green projects and impact, including their strategies to increase domestic demand for green financing products.

Keynote Speaker: Mr Michael Oh-Lau, CEO, Maybank Investment Banking Group
1. Mr Chong Paul Wee, Director Corporate Banking, Global Banking, Maybank
2. Ms Chua Huey Sian, Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporate Banking CIMB Bank 
3. Mr Andy Cheah Shu Kheem, Managing Director, Country head of Wholesale Banking, UOB Malaysia 
4. Ms Lau Sze Ying, Senior Executive, Public Bank Berhad

1100        Break

Alternative investment platforms such as equity crowdfunding (ECF) and peer-to- peer lending (P2P) and private market funding through venture capital are excellent funding options for SMEs seeking funding for green or sustainable projects. Each with its own unique features, these platforms allow smaller companies to raise a small funding in a short time by using innovative funding mechanisms.

This session will cover: 
• Preparing yourself for funding through the capital market
• An in- depth understanding of the mechanics of funding through ECF, P2P and venture capital 
• Use Cases for venture capital and angel investors in green and sustainable projects
• Case studies on successful utilisation of ECF and P2P in funding green and sustainable enterprises – key success 
• Pitfalls and challenges to avoid

Moderator: Ms Navina Balasingam, General Manager, Capital Markets Malaysia
1. Ms Syarina Hyzah Zakaria, Parnerships Lead, Funding Societies
2. Ms Elain Lockman, CEO & Co-Founder, Ata Plus Sdn Bhd
3. Mr Max Teh, Senior Associate, 1337 Ventures Sdn Bhd
4. Mr Kevin Yee, Investment, RHL Ventures 


1230        Lunch

The Malaysian Government has pledged to achieve net zero carbon by 2050. The buildings and waste sectors are among the significant contributing industries to greenhouse gas emissions for a developing nation like ours. This sessions explores existing and potential opportunities for green financing in these two sectors.

Keynote Speaker: Ms Chua Huey Sian, Head of Sustainable Finance, Corporate Banking CIMB Bank 
1. Mr Ruberneshan A/L Chandrasakaran, Assistant Vice President, Group Sustainability, CIMB Bank 
2. Mr BK Sinha, Council Member, Malaysia Green Building Council (malaysiaGBC)  

1500        Break

Large organisations set up goals and policies internally to ensure their products and operations are sustainable. It, however, does not just stop there as they are also working towards greening their supply chain as part of their ESG efforts. Are our SMEs prepared for this transition towards a greener supply chain? What do SMEs need to do and how can large crganisations play an aiding role? This session deep dives into SME-focused financial products to facilitate transition towards greener management, consumption and production.

Keynote Speaker:  Mr Andy Cheah Shu Kheem, Managing Director, Country Head of Wholesale Banking, UOB Malaysia 
1. Mr Teoh Soon Beng, Executive Director, Area Head of Wholesale Banking (North Area Centre), UOB Malaysia
2. Mr Azmir Abdullah, Head of Sustainable Finance, Commercial Banking CIMB Bank
3. Mr S. Dorairam, Head, Business Centre, Maybank 
4. Ms Syarina Hyzah Zakaria, Partnerships Lead, Funding Societies
5. Mr Roy Heong Beng Wai, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Innovation, Alliance Bank Malaysia Berhad

1730        End













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