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Every year various exciting, meaningful, and educational programmes that cater to all ages are crafted with soul.

Citizens, businesses, and schools are generously rewarded and consistently incentivised when they make outstanding green efforts.

Our dedicated team serves to make Penangites’ voices audible with regards environmental policymaking.

Develop environmental niche & creating a market for environmental services in Penang

We play a pivotal role in promoting green lifestyles among locals through active engagement in our flagship programmes.

PGC continually designs creative, high-profile, purpose-filled events that brings everyone together for green learning and networking.

Our programmes and projects aim to encourage new practices and shape new habits towards a better life.

We strive to advance interdisciplinary research in policies related to environmental issues by providing a better understanding of public opinions in order to assist policymakers set any environmental policies in Penang

For further details, please contact us at 04-250 3322 or email to [email protected]