Registration for Youth Camp is Now Closed due to Overwhelming Response

Joint Statement on 22 Aug 2016:

Dr David Carlson, Director of the World Climate Research Programme, said models of future warming had failed to predict the high temperatures recorded this year, suggesting they are under-estimating how hot the world will get.         

The planet’s record-breaking temperatures every month of this year have taken scientists by surprise, according to a leading expert who said they had expected “nothing like this” level of global warming. Massive temperature hikes, but also extreme events like floodings, have become the new normal.

In order to enable and nurtures young leaders in environmental movements,   Penang Green Council is organising a yearly programme for the youth in collaboration with Youth Camp is Power Shift Malaysia (Persatuan Belia Perubahan Iklim)  .

The objectives of Youth Camp are:
1)     To emphasize on the vital roles of youth in environmental conservation focusing on climate change.
2)   To provide a platform for youth to exchange ideas and opinions pertain to environmental issues and solutions.
3)  To instil and encourage youths to initiate their own environmental projects.

40 School students aged 15 to 18 years old (Form 3 – Form 5) in Penang has registered to take part in the Youth Camp. Youth Camp will be held on 8 October 2016 (1-day activity) at Tropical Spice Garden.

The one-day program comprises of 4 modules:

  • Module 1:        What is Climate Change?
  • Module 2:        Why is Climate Change Issues Important?
  • Module 3:        What Can You Do?
  • Module 4:        Is Renewable Energy Able to Save The World?
    Our project partner Power Shift Malaysia (Persatuan Belia Perubahan Iklim) will be facilitating the workshops and interacting with the participants. All participants will be exposed to the current environmental issues related to climate change. 

Youth Camp for young leaders, stand up against climate change! We urge all the young people to take the ownership of the environment, join the global trend to fight against climate change!

If you’re interested in co-organising a youth camp with PGC, please contact Miss Hoo or Miss Ser at 04-2503322.