Educating Youth in Environmental Education is Key for a Sustainable Future

Press Statement on 10 October 2017

Call for Youth Camp registration! Youth in Northern Region are welcome to reveal the Power of Nature.

Penang Green Council welcomes the recent announcement by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment and Ministry of Education to introduce Environmental Education as a new subject in schools by 2019. In order to promote Environmental Education, Penang Green Council has organised environmental workshops, camps and trainings tailored to different age groups.

All high school students age 15-18 are welcome to participate the two-day, one-night Youth camp. Students will learn about environmental conservation focusing on renewable energy and understand about what they can do in this aspect. The camp will be held on November 4 – 5, 2017 (Sat – Sun) at Water Sports Activities Center Tanjung Bungah, Penang.

Youth today is 100% of our future. This camp aimed to empower students to think critically and prepare them for a more sustainable future. The camp encompasses educational & motivational talks, outdoor activities, workshops and movie screening session. We are also inviting speakers from the industry to speak on Renewable Energy particularly on solar industry, as well as personal growth trainer to share on how to develop positive mind-set and good leadership.

Participants were introduced to river quality test and different types of biological indicator
Participants found several types of clams during beach cleaning
Recyclable materials were collected along Telun Aling beach
Group photo during Youth Camp 2015