Recycling Your Household E-Waste!

What is Household E-Waste?

Electrical and electronic appliances which are not in use by the original user and doesn’t bring any value to the user. For example personal computer, TV, radio, refrigerator, washing machine, air-conditioner, printer, mobile phone, DVD/ VCD player, mobile phone battery and etc.

Why Do We Need to Recycle It?
It gives adverse impact on human health and the environment. For instance,

  • Electroplating process involved in computer circuits manufacturing uses several types of heavy metal;
  • Computer chip production involves the usage of chemicals such as organic & inorganic acids and solvents.

All these substances are affecting human health as well as damaging the environment. Therefore, it requires a proper disposal method and management.

Scheduled Waste (SW110)
In Malaysia, e-waste is listed as one of the scheduled wastes with the code SW110 under Environmental Quality (Scheduled Wastes) Regulations 2005, Environmental Quality Act 1974 because it exhibits the characteristics such as ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity and toxicity.

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