Penang Green Events Incentive


An incentive program to recognize and reward the event planners/ organisers/ managers from private sectors, government agencies, NGO and community-based organisation who have produced or hosted an event and taken extra steps to lower their environmental footprint, subsequently achieving sustainability.

The objectives of the incentive is to reduce the negative impact on the environment that resulted from event organising and to educate the public about the importance of environment protection through the event. 

PGEI mainly focuses on the reduction of waste (solid waste/ food waste), energy and water conservation before, during and after the event.

Below are the aspects covered in the assessment question:

  • General administrative
  • Waste management
  • Energy saving
  • Water conservation

Assessment questions are divided into 2 categories:

  1. Compulsory  questions
  2. Bonus questions

Passing Marks: Score 60% of the assessment to qualify for audit


Application period: March –  August 2019
*Applicable for events conducted from 15th March until 30th November 2019
*Audit application must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the event date


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