PGA Public Survey


Penang were hit by flash floods following hours of heavy rain and strong winds on November 4.
Climate change is REAL. It has affected everyone.
Do you still think environmental crisis and sustainability of Penang is not your responsibility amidst the development issues?

There are a lot of things that need to be done in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Penang Green Agenda by Penang state government has started its stakeholders consultation since mid-2017, currently we are at the stage of conducting public survey - Penang Green Agenda Stakeholder Consultation Public Survey. We care about your opinions in formulating the agenda until 2030.
The survey will be conducted from 24 October until 24 November 2017, in collaboration with School of Social Sciences, USM.

Objectives of the survey:

  • To provide the policy makers a better understanding of public views and concerns on environmental challenges in Penang.
  • To become a foundation to develop PGA strategies and local action plan.

The USM team has scheduled to seek views from public in 5 districts of Penang in 4 languages: Malay, English, Mandarin and Tamil.

Timeline District
24 Oct – 31 Oct 2017 Northeast Penang Island
1 Nov – 3 Nov 2017 Southwest Penang Island
4 Nov – 7 Nov 2017 North Seberang Perai
8 Nov – 11 Nov 2017 Central Seberang Perai
12 Nov – 14 Nov 2017 South Seberang Perai

Please fill in the survey form, your participation in this process is crucial in a democratic society, this will enable the government to make better decision for the future.

Let us hear your voice for a better and sustainable Penang!

The Surveys