Penang Green Agenda (PGA)


Penang State Government has always strives to realise the vision of making Penang a “Cleaner, Greener, Safer, Healthier, and Happier” state.

In response to the global climate change issues and evolving paradigm of sustainable development, Penang State Economic Planning Unit, Penang Green Council, and Penang Institute mooted Penang Green Agenda. 

What is PGA?

Penang Green Agenda will take on technical experts and scientists to look into sustainability aspects of the Penang State, including developing sustainability indicators. We will conduct scenario analysis to assess the impacts of environmental issues on Penang State's sustainability. The agenda will also engage all stakeholders and people of Penang to identify and combat the current and future environmental challenges of the state, proposing feasible solutions.


  • To formulate strategies which helps to meet future environmental challenges in Penang while incorporating United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs).  
  • To adapt and build resilient community in Penang by 2030.


Key Info

Steering Committee Process & Timeline of Developing PGA References