Participation of HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd and Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd in Penang Green Partners Programme

Opening Speech by Member of Parliament for Tanjong and Organizing Chairman of Penang Green Citizen Programme, Ng Wei Aik on 23 October 2014:

Mr. Vincent Lee
Managing Director of Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd

Mr. Adrian Tan
Sales and Marketing Director of HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd

Mr. Alex Wong
The Chairman of Penang Hair Association

Mr. Davide Ramponi
Asia Export Manager of Rolland, Italy

Ms. Marta Vannuccini
Master Trainer at Rolland, Italy

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen. Tonight’s event is part of Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd and HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd Corporate Social Responsibility Program as one of the Green Partners. On behalf of Penang Green Council, I am pleased to announce the participation of HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd and Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd in our Penang Green Partners Programme.

The State Government has officially launched Penang Green Citizens Programme and Penang Green Partners Programme in 2010. The objective of both programmes is to engage all Penang citizens -from individual to business communities - to encourage them to practice at least one green initiative such as save water, conserve energy and so on to make Penang a greener state.

To begin their green initiatives, HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd and Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd are getting merchants and participants to make a pledge and register in the Penang Green Citizens and Green Partners Programme. They are targeting 20 merchants and 200 participants to sign up for both programmes tonight.

Tonight, the launching of HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd and Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd’s hair product – Wizout, with the title "Go Green with E2O" (E2O- Ecological, Ethical, Organic), brings hair care and beauty to a whole new level of being healthier and more eco-friendly. E2O emphasizes on the following:

  • Ecological - The activator bottles uses recycled and recyclable paper derived from responsibly managed forest and highly biodegradable plastic.
  • Ethical - Contains Acai oil which the harvesting of this fruit and precious ingredient supports 480 Amazonian communities and ­sustaining the economic development of 1200 families.
  • Organic - Certified organic Argan oil has moisturizing and highly elasticizing properties.

I believe that salon owners and stylists are increasingly aware of possible hidden dangers of chemical ingredients in products they use all day every day. Therefore, the introduction of Wizout will help salon owners, hair stylist as well as consumers to promote a better health quality as well as a chemical free working environment. We applaud HAIRFINDER & Beauty Sdn Bhd and Greenxagon Marketing Sdn Bhd’s effort in going green by introducing these hair products with natural ingredients into the market and their passion about products that respect consumers' internal and external environments without sacrificing effectiveness. We also hope that there will be eco hair products using local natural ingredients in the future so that we can reduce carbon footprint that derives from transportation of the imported products.

To date, more than 14,000 Penangites have pledged to become a Green Citizen and more than 200 merchants have signed up as Green Partners. We would like to invite more Penangites and merchants to take part in the Penang Green Citizens and Partners Programmes by committing to practice or adopt at least one green initiative every day.

Thank you!

Ng Wei Aik

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