ESCAPE is offering all Green Citizens’ Member a 10% discount from the entrance ticket.


Press Release by YB Ng Wei Aik, Member of Parliament for Tanjong, Penang Chief Minister’s Political Secretary and Organizing Chairman of Penang Green Citizen Program on 5 July 2013:
ESCAPE is offering all Green Citizens’ Member a 10% discount from the entrance ticket.

We are here today to welcome on-board Escape Theme Park as our Newest Green Partner for Penang Green Citizens’ Program. On 7th November 2012 ESCAPE Adventureplay opened to the public followed by the official opening ceremony on 8th December 2012.

Children in the past were more active and creative. They had to create a game, make a toy, climb a tree or run around outdoors. Children were taught to appreciate Mother Nature through outdoor activities.

Today’s children spend hours being a ‘Couch Potato’ in front of a screen, as their past-time and often alone, to have ‘fun’. But this is not really fun. This will have an adverse effect on them physically and mentally. This is one of the reasons why many children today are overweight, sedentary, and lack the sparkle of kids in the past.

ESCAPE has been doing their part in preservation and conservation through their Green Initiative such as Energy Saving, Rainwater Harvesting and Grass Roof to cool the temperature.

Thus with the inclusion of ESCAPE as our Green Partner, we hope that this will provide an avenue for our avid adventure seeking Green Citizens’ members a brand new horizon to explore. 

ESCAPE is offering all Green Citizens’ Member a 10% discount from the entrance ticket. Members will be required to show their Green Citizens’ Card when purchasing the ticket. We hope more members will come and participate in the activities organized and sweat-out the stress from their daily life.

As part of Penang Green Councils’ Green Initiative, work is underway to publish Green Partners' Catalogue 3 times a year encompassing our latest activities and special offer by Green Partners. This will further boost the mileage given to all our Green Partners and Green Citizens for their support in making the program a success.

We hope that more people will sign-up as Penang Green Citizens’ Member to enjoy the benefit offered by our Green Partner. Together we can achieve a Cleaner, Greener, Healthier and Safer Penang.

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