My Green Scavenger Booklet

My Green Scavenger Booklet

We have launched a fun, interactive book for our Green Citizens!!

To strengthen the messages of the 10 initiatives in the pledge, our famous Penang-born, comic artist - Lefty Julian have illustrated the messages in our limited edition activity book ‘My Green Scavenger’.


We are proudly presenting our first-ever, limited edition "My Green Scavenger" activity book, designed by a famous Penang-born, comic artist - Lefty Julian.

Grab “My Green Scavenger’ book for FREE from your nearest  when you buy any Grande size promotional beverage!

Just follow this THREE simple steps:

1) Get a FREE book by purchasing any Grande size promotional beverage at Starbucks in Penang.

2) Complete the activity in 'My Green Scavenger'.

3) Present your creative work to any Starbucks baristas in Penang & enjoy Buy One Free One on any Starbucks promotional beverage when you bring your own STARBUCKS tumbler.