Celebrity spokesperson for the Penang Green Citizens Programme



(Picture)Jzelynn Simmons, has won VIMA (Voize Independent Music Awards) best digital album 2010 with her previous album entitled ‘Percaya’ which also made it to the Malaysia Book of Records as the First Tri-lingual Digital Album.

The first album contained Penang’s official environmental-themed song “Change”composed for ‘No Free Plastic Bag Days’ in Penang. The environmentalist in Jzelynn continues to be evidently shown in her second album. Needless to say, Penang being close to Jzelynn’s heart, has again inspired her and her team to produce another ‘green’ song entitled “The Right Thing”. Jzelynn and her team wish that this song would inspire all Penangites in making Penang and the rest of the world a greener and cleaner place. “The Right Thing” is a trilingual song (blended with some authentic Penang Hokkien dialect).


In 2009, Jzelynn has been appointed the celebrity spokesperson for the Penang Green Citizens Programme.


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