Focus: Let’s grow plants together – By Teng Kok Liang

Focus:  Let's grow plants together – By Teng Kok Liang

Sunshine Garden Centre has distributed more than 2000 plants during Penang Green Expo 2012.

Green scenery always makes people feel refreshed. It is wrong to think that living in high rise building prohibits us from keeping plants. On the contrary, there are many indoor plants that we can grow to keep our environment green and beautiful.

Penang Green Expo 2012 which was held in September 2012 displayed a variety of indoor plants. The Expo also provided an opportunity to learn more about choosing the correct species for planting and decorating the home.

For clean and fresh air, the Cactus, Chlorophytum or Scindaprus tops the list as natural purifiers. These plants should not be underestimated as they can help lower the hazardous substances released from electronic appliances and at the same time help purify air pollutants.

An alternate choice is the Sansevieria and Boston fern. These plants contain natural plant anion that absorbs Benzene and Trichloroethylene from the air to restore good air quality.

For spacious homes, Yellow Palm and Corn Plant is a good choice to help remove hazardous substances and impurities from the air.

The above recommended plants need a combination of the right flowerpot, the right soil and the right fertilizers to achieve the best environmental results. Using correct biodegradable flowerpot, the right soil and non-chemical fertilizer with the certification of Baba Inside makes the environmental friendly home garden authentic.

We also need to identify the right place for the right plant at home. For example, Sansevieria is suitable to be planted in the toilet as it needs little sunlight. The leaves can absorb moisture and odor from the air as well as act as a natural deodorant.  However, moving the plant for direct sunlight at regular intervals makes the plant robust.

Some plants may also be placed in the balcony, roof top or corridor. To avoid accidents, make sure the plants are not blocking the passage and can withstand strong wind.

Plants are not only good to look at - it also provides us a cleaner and greener environment. The Penang State Government has made a lot of effort in promoting green projects in the state and Penang Local Government Committee Chairman Chow Kon Yeow has written a reply to the State Assembly stated that in year 2011, the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) has planted a total of 4313 trees in the Island, Province Wellesley Municipal Council (MPSP) has planted a total of 8734 trees in Province Wellesley and the Penang State Forestry Department has planted a total of 8988 trees in the state.

The Penang State Forestry Department also provided 5770 tree saplings to government departments, private companies, JKKKs and NGOs to encourage trees planting and promote greener environment.
The authorities at Municipal Council of Penang (MPPP) spearheaded a Greening Project at three locations. Since 2010, a total of 150 trees were planted along the divider of Carnarvon Street; another 101 trees along the 550meter long divider in Weld Quay in year 2011; and this year, 280 trees were planted along the 1.4km divider in Dato Keramat Road.

Those who travel along Jalan Masjid Negeri, Jalan Scotland and Jalan Utama enjoy the cooling effects of the shady trees. We need to thank our forefathers who had the foresight to preserve these century-old trees. Penang, the Pearl of the Orient is not only proud of her heritage buildings in George Town but also these trees which have witnessed the progress of this city in leading the way towards a cleaner, greener and environmental friendly Malaysia.

We can improve our environment from home. Let's grow plants together!

*BABA Inside is a guarantee standard for organic vegetables, ornamental plants, organic fertilizer, soil, biodegradable flowerpots and other green products. This certification meets the standard of production and identification of organic products.

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