Free Voda Rainwater Harvesting System at Green Café Pocket Talk

[Joint Statement by Penang Green Council and Penang Science Cluster on 3 November 2015]

Free Voda Rainwater Harvesting System at Green Café Pocket Talk

Penang Green Council is organising the very FIRST Green Café Pocket Talk in collaboration with Penang Science Cluster. 

Green Café is a platform created for all players in the green industry to feature their green technologies, products, experience and education to the local community. We also hope that such pocket talks will serve as a bridge between the industries and the ordinary citizens to explore more about environmental causes, products and technologies. 

The first presenter for the pocket talk will be Ms Low Pui San from Green Master Harvest Sdn Bhd. Details as follow:  

Date: 21 November 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 10am – 11.30am
Venue: Penang Science Café @ Heritage (Wisma Yeap Chor Ee, China Street Ghaut)

In 2014, the average domestic per capita consumption in Penang was 293 l/c/d. This is the highest in the country. The national average was 210 l/c/d in 2013, and Singapore recorded 152 l/c/d in 2013. While Penangites are enjoying the lowest water tariff in Malaysia, global water shortage is a crisis as many nations are struggling to meet the needs of clean water. The scarcity of clean water with increasing demands will eventually increase the cost to build or even maintain access to water. Every drop of water is important and every effort to contain it counts.

Rainwater harvesting is a solution to water crisis. Collecting water from rooftops and storing it for our non-potable uses can significantly decrease storm water runoff and decrease dependency on public water supply. The Malaysian Government has agreed to encourage the implementation of Rainwater Harvesting System through the amendment of the Uniform Building By-Laws 1984 and many City Hall or local government have made it a requirement that all developments must comply with the condition to install rainwater harvesting system within their development before the Development Order or certificate of completion compliance is issued.

In the effort to promote affordable and efficient rainwater harvesting systems, Green Master Harvest Sdn Bhd, a provider of rain harvesting system will be sharing on how Voda works. They will be giving away a FREE unit for non-profit organisation during the Green Café. There will also be additional incentives for attending attendees who are keen for further purchase of the Voda.

Seats are limited! To secure a spot, call Penang Green Council at 04- 250 3322 before 18thNovember 2015.  

Released by:
Thing Siew Shuen, General Manager of Penang Green Council
Ooi Peng Ee, the CEO of Penang Science Cluster