Clean, Toxin – Free Lifestyle with ETL no 9

Press Statement on 27th August 2016:

Clean, Toxin – Free Lifestyle with ETL no 9

Speakers from GTL World (M) Sdn Bhd. From left: Goo Lay Hoon, Teo Chiak Inn, Angeline Cheng.

Penang Green Council and Penang Science Cluster organised Green Café, a one and a half hour talk, discussing on guidelines to pursue a happy, sustainable and toxin free life.

Teo Chiak Inn, an eco-volunteer from GTL World (M) Sdn Bhd, highlighted to the participants on the various types of fruits, vegetables and Chinese herbs which contains high levels of pesticides during the talk at Penang Science Café at China Street Ghaut last Saturday.

Environmental sustainability nowadays does not only focus on land, water and energy. It consists of human health and wellbeing. Our daily activities and practices contribute widely to the wellbeing of the environment.

‘Our fruits and vegetables are now not safe to be consumed just like that. They are now heavily infested with pesticides to maintain its freshness and shelf life.’ says Teo Chiak Inn.

Unknowingly, we have indigested them. In order to safely consume raw products that we purchase, she introduced the ETL no 9, an intelligent all-in-one formula made of all natural products which could eliminate up to 98.6% pesticide residue on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

The ETL no 9 can also be used for hand washing, cleaning baby milk bottles, laundry and more.

Participants were treated to a demonstration and food tasting session for life experience of pesticide and non-pesticide fruits and vegetables.

Green Café is a platform created for all players in the green industry to feature their green technologies, products, experience and education to the local community. We also hope that such pocket talks will serve as a bridge between the industries and the ordinary citizens to explore more about environmental causes, products and technologies.

Communities or organisations which want to share their green innovation may contact PGC 04-250322 for further information on Green Cafe.

Renuka Radakrishnan
Communication Executive