Green Map


Green map is another community outreach project which provides fun eco-tour. Public get to learn from the green communities and service providers/ industries who are putting efforts in enhancing environmental sustainability.


The objective of this programme is to promote knowledge acquisition through fun eco-tour. It serves as a platform to showcase initiatives by the environmental related industries, service provider and communities too.

Programme Details

The concept of this project is Fun, Knowledge, and Inspirational. The tour provides exploration to ‘Green and Smart Communities’ in Penang. Currently we have two route which are: The Blue Belt and The Golden Belt.

  • Target group – families, students or corporate group.

  • Group size: 20- 30 participants.

  • One day programme (Sat or Sun); 6 hours


Green Map 2019: The Golden Belt (July)

It was a fun-filled and educational Saturday for 31 participants between the age of 14 to 61 years old who took part in Penang Green Council’s eco-tour, Green Map - Golden Belt. This half-day eco-tour explored Batu Maung Solid Waste Transfer Station, a new transfer station facility in Penang and Taman Bagan Lalang Recycling Centre, an exemplary model for community-based efforts. We all know that the most critical component in any waste management program is public awareness and participation, in addition to appropriate legislation, technical support and adequate funding.

In fact, it was a fruitful and successful outdoor tour for everyone. We want to carve in the minds of everyone that every piece of trash tossed out will not disappear on its own, it goes through a series of process that requires so much resources to then just end up deeply planted in the landfill. If we could be more considerate of the one and only landfill Pulau Burung that we have in Penang, we could be salvaging more lands claimed to be turned into landfills in the future.

Special thanks to the management of Batu Maung Solid Waste Transfer Station and Taman Bagan Lalang Recycling Centre for hosting us. It is our pleasure here at Penang Green Council to organise such a programme for Penangites!

Don’t worry if you missed it this time, just follow our Facebook page - Penang Green Council for more updates. Under this Green Map, we also have Blue Belt where we explore on the water supply and wastewater treatment system in Penang.

Do not miss this opportunity to be a mindful Penangite!

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